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    Re: Fisherman Drowns at Nurse Slough

    Back when I lived in the Feather River Canyon, I would fish all the time. They have quite a few hydroelectric plants in the canyon. Man, I was out on this rock, and before I knew it, PGE turned on...
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    Re: Slow out there SJ ...

    I currently live near the Antioch Bridge for a little while longer. I have heard them shooting there plenty of times. What I have seen is private persons exercising their second amendment right...
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    basic tune up?

    Good morning all. I was wondering what all is involved in a basic, yearly tune-up on a 18 HP Nissan? It is just an oil change and get a new impeller? I figured it cant be too hard, but I have never...
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    Re: Geez, where is everyone?

    GOOOOOOODDDDD MMMOOOOORRRRNNNIIIINNNN! I'm still here, although, instead of fishing, I have been wrenching on my jeep. Putting a 3 seat in for my little man. Properly re-wiring all my accessories,...
  5. Re: Two more days until I find out of I can move!

    Thanks! Someone told me to invest in a California Lifetime License, that way I would never have to pay an out of state license fee. $900 for a lifetime, or $138 a year for an out of state...
  6. Re: Two more days until I find out of I can move!


    IM GOOD TO GO! First weekend of June is the goal. I'm so stoked!
  7. Re: Two more days until I find out of I can move!

    Thank you all for your positive thoughts! Everything works out tomorrow, I will be moving the first weekend of June!

    JetSpray, PM sent.
  8. Re: Two more days until I find out of I can move!

    Not too far, Minden Gardnerville area. I have family out there, so it will be nice. I lived in North Eastern CA, in Plumas County. I got into a bad loggin accident, causing a broken back, multiple...
  9. Two more days until I find out of I can move!

    Ever have a goal sooo close you can taste it? Its killing me, two more, long, long days until I find out of I can move out of California. I'm pretty sure I have the golden ticket to move, I just...
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    Re: How crazy is this getting?

    Anyone watch the Golden Globes, or whatever that award cermony was...I think a lot of Americans got Red Pilled when the host Richard Gervais called out all those pedophiles. America is waking up....
  11. Re: Topaz Lake Rainbow Record is Smashed....

    Great fish, I cant wait to take my stab at that lake.
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    Re: Need Drone Info

    LOL, that's a good one
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    Re: Best clam/fish chowder recipe

    Wow. I did this last night with some was life changing! Thank you for this
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    Re: Unsuccessful Deer Hunters

    What a Joke...They make it more and more temping to move out of CA every day....
  15. Re: Lake Camanche: Not 1 Piggy, but 2 Piggies 12/26/19

    Take some painful advise, don't push it...

    NICE FISH! I think I might be heading up to that neck of the woods tomorrow...
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    Re: Final season tally

    Man, I was jucied to get out there this year and try it. I lost count of how many trips I went on (10 or more). I used Silvertrons, Cut Plugs and wrapped Kwikfish. Didn't get one Salmon this year....
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    Re: Application for Fishing

    Perfect song for the owner requesting this form be adiquately filled out...We are, but men....
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    Re: Camanche Boat inspections? lake advise

    They don't care as long as the boat is dry. My guess is, they will be fine with it...Commanche is one of just a few lakes where they actually inspect your boat. They never have turned me away or...
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    Verona marina

    Good morning all. Has anyone stayed at the Verona Marina? They wont answer their phones, but their message says they are still open. I was wondering about camping, they advertise it, but nothing...
  20. Re: Do CDFW need a warrent to come in your home?

    To be more specific. If you ask them to leave, and they are not actively invesitgating with iminate probably cause, they would need a warrant stay on the property. If there is probable cause, that...
  21. Re: Do CDFW need a warrent to come in your home?

    It is pretty common to have a Warden and or Forestry Law enforcement tag along when serving warrants. They use different probable cause for search and seizure then your normal Law Enforcement...
  22. Re: Halloween at Silver (88): More treats than tricks.

    wow, look like you had a great time! Great Job!
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    electric trolling motor

    So I was thinking of putting a transom mounted electric trolling motor on my 14ft alumium. I do already have a 18 horse 4 stroke motor, but sometimes that thing sucks, and gets nosie when your...
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    Re: Sacramento Area

    So are you Jigging? Casting? Trolling?
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    Re: The Big school?

    That gives me butterflies! I'm juiced. Any chance we can see one of these satilite photos?
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