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    Re: Roller vs Bunk for EZ Loader Trailer

    Bunks are far superior in my opinion for one reason. The boat stays where you put it. With rollers, as soon as you release the winch on a slope the boat is rolling to the water, or worse, the ramp....
  2. Thread: Water

    by fishwrong2

    Re: Water

    I saw that yesterday too.

    Interested to see if it actually means anything. Pumping schedules and legalities are so complex it's hard to tell. Seemed like a legal hurdle to clear in processing...
  3. Re: Anyone know of any lakes that might have a sturgeon or two swimming around?


    Drunk guy in the bar gets around.
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    Re: someone explain the steelhead card

    Well, sounds like youíve got a good rant going, so ďHell ya, hang em allĒ.

    On the other hand, if itís an actual question, they do use the information for a number of things, but itís also given...
  5. Re: Anyone know of any lakes that might have a sturgeon or two swimming around?

    Kind of like Sasquatch. One drunk guy in a bar says he caught one, and all the sudden 15 people remember being there. Actually saw one example first hand as a kid. A couple guys caught a nice...
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    Re: Any advice for Folsom fron canoe?

    Folsom is fickle. Great paddle, but fish arenít youíre typical planter trout. There are some very nice rainbows that Iíd fish a Rapala or equivalent without flashers if you can keep 3+ mph pulling...
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    Re: New to Steelhead fishing, help!

    YouTube is your friend on this one. Dozens of different techniques and locations. Side drifting roe catches more fish than anything. Float fishing roe is virtually the same technique as indicator...
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    Re: Happy Birthday to Me!

    Just a big kid playing with his toys. Nothing better.

    Happy Birthday
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    Re: Illegals Only

    Sounds like a nice day out.

    Sometimes moving to shallower water with more current can lead to bigger fish. Look for flats or cuts into and out of flooded islands etc., vs fishing the main...
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    Re: Rio / Collinsville today Saturday..

    Congrats on some big excitement.

    Sturgeon are prone to getting snagged, and I've never really understood why. I've snagged them trolling, jigging and bait fishing. Even snagged one once...
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    Re: Salmon falls at folsom

    I read "at the existing level of the lake" to mean, when you're fishing. If they meant full, they'd have referred to the high water mark. No other reason for that language as best I can tell.
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    Re: Pond Smelt and Threadfin in Folsom

    Thatís a lot of research. Iíve read similar accounts but donít honestly know that much about their history in Folsom.

    Only thing I know is they are there to stay. Short of draining it...
  13. Re: Any good spots along Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Pescadero Creek

    Caltrout has some interesting information on their website. They do a lot of habitat restoration projects related to trout and salmon.

    I always thought that if I didnít have to work for a...
  14. Re: Highway 1 and 101 Trout? (Norcal basically)

    Walmart in my town does. Check the regs carefully. A lot of the smaller creeks and rivers have special regulations and low flow closures. They also say 2 hatchery steelhead per day, but most donít...
  15. Re: Highway 1 and 101 Trout? (Norcal basically)

    Not for trout specifically, but there are a lot of creeks and rivers with steelhead, and this is prime time. You don't read a lot about most of them as they're small and most have wild fish you...
  16. Re: Looking for information on the trout found in San Leandro and San Antonio Reservo

    There are a lot of creeks and small rivers on the coast with fishable populations of steelhead. Garcia, Gualala, Navarro, Noyo, Greenwood Creek are a few that get very little publicity but are cool...
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    Re: Smith River 1/27 - 1/29

    Glad you got into a few. Mother Nature is a big part of that game. Donít hear much about guys plunking during high water on guided trips. I get guides donít like to have folks pay to fish in poor...
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    Re: sturgeon take down and a miss

    My opinion is it depends of where and when. Fish in the bay and delta tend to graze. They normally have a decent food base so they can be a bit picky. Most folks feel setting the hook catches more...
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    Re: Folsom Lake 1/30/2020

    Sweet report. Sure is satisfying when you get things figured out a little bit on a tough body of water. Well done.
  20. Re: EPIC Float Tube Adventure Jenkinson Lake / Sly Park California - First Time in Fl

    I can confirm that is Jenkinson/Sly Park. Donít know the dates, but I actually met this young man the other day, and the video and report are similar to what we discussed.

    I've seen the east bay...
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    Re: Speaking of Dinos...

    Once had a pic of me standing next to one that went 190# my grandfather had caught. Back in the Polaroid days and pre slot limit and I was 6 years old. Wish I still had it. Cruising towards half a...
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    Re: Pyramid 1/28 1/29

    Those are pigs. Fish of a lifetime anywhere else in the world. Congrats on some awesome fish.
  23. Re: Question about possible native trout in Lake Lagunitas, Alpine Lake, Bon Tempe

    I have a similar interest in how fish get places and finding new waters to fish. I donít have much insight into Bay Area waters, so I canít help much. One thing you might check out is Putah Creek...
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    Re: Geez, where is everyone?

    So, I take it, this Instagram thing is like a beer commercial. I get instagram and instantly catch big fish and have better looking fishing buddies? Who knew????

    #being dragged into the 21st...
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    Re: Smith report

    Congratulations on a beauty. Any trip with a caught steelhead is a winner. Nice video and trip.

    Well done.

    Thanks for the report.
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