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  1. Rollins Lake Kayak Tourney/ Hobie Demo Day - 4/28/18

    Rollins Lake Roundup - Multi Species Kayak Fishing Tourney and Hobie Demo Day
    sponsored by Hills Flat Lumber

    Register Now at

    Kayak Fishing Tournament and...
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    1,971 - King of the Port Tourney is have an open tourney and kayak fishing demo day. Lots of great sponsors. Check it out!
  3. Re: Light tackle rod suggestion for rockfish/lings

    Yup, trevala. I started with a MH and bought a M and find myself using the M more now. I think I retain more fish, especially the big lings with the massive headshakes. The tip section matches these...
  4. Re: Color suggestion bait contest for lings and rockies

    The winner is Amos Foreman from Santa Rosa, CA. His creative descriptions and science backing quickly grabbed my attention from the start. The contrast between the two colors looks really good in...
  5. Color suggestion bait contest for lings and rockies

    Hey guys, is having a color suggestion contest. Here is the skinny...

    Thought a few of you might be interested.
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    Re: Amador Limits 11/1

    Nice stringer. :bananachaga:
  7. Re: 11' jon/duck boat w/nissan 3.5hp - Liberty Island Special

    No bites? Price too high?

    Ok I'll post on CL Sac. Thanks.
  8. 11' jon/duck boat w/nissan 3.5hp - Liberty Island Special

    OK guys. This hurts but new baby forces sale. Super light weight alum duck/Jon boat with deck and reinforced transom. This marsh grass camo boat is perfect for hunting/fishing shallow marsh, small...
  9. Lowrance Super Sale- Save $100 on Elite5 and HDS deals - expires 4/7

    Just thought I would give you guys a heads up. Buy a Elite5 before 4/7/13 and get $100 bucks off plus a few other deals.
    Awesome deal and the units are rock solid. Mike

    Ultimate Upgrade -...
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    Jumbo Minnow Prices in Sacramento

    I live in Citrus Heights and headed to fish the Port on Friday. I plan to drag some jumbo minnows around and looking to pick the bait up along the way. Anyone know some of the minnow prices around...
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    Re: Sand dabs as bait?


    Very cool site, lots of great info. If you use code: NCKA you get 10% off at check out. Get em soon before they shut that code off.

    I bought a couple bags of those sand dabs from Hogy,...
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    Re: Sand dabs as bait?

    I just use the Hogy sand dabs. AK guides swear by them.

    Products in Imitator Series
  13. Fort Ross 9/16/12 - Hogy baits get it done!

    Launched late around 10:30am. I was going to head down to Timber Cove to join the masses but the wife and kid like the beach at FR (happy wife happy life). Headed north, water was really flat....
  14. Re: Shad fishing off sunrise tonight: Thurs 5/24

    Well I went out around 5pm. Started with a small slip bobber, 1/16 oz chart head and 1" pink/flake curly body. It was windy so casting and line control was an issue, caught 3 and missed a bunch...
  15. Shad fishing off sunrise tonight: Thurs 5/24

    Headed out and fish the AR off Sunrise, north of the bridge tonight. My buddy flaked so looking for some company. Went last night and it was a blast 1hr or so before sundown. Bring waders. Mike 916...
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    Re: how to keep chovies alive?

    I collect several old water bottles, remove the labels. I fill with a saltwater solution n freeze and keep one in w/fish all the time. These stay frozen for quiet a while and keeps the water temp...
  17. *** Last day to buy your CA park/ boat passes before HUGE increase ***

    Just bought my passes. I figure with an expected big salmon run I'll be on the water quite a bit. The parking pass goes from $125 to $195 and the boat pass goes from $75 to $100. Not only do these...
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    Re: Wanted: Lead weights in 3oz and 10oz

    I did get what I needed from a local who pours. We did well, limits of crab and rc. Sorry no picts. No lings but I did find some excellent spots now in my gps. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Lead weights in 3oz and 10oz

    Taking out some friends to the coast to do some rock cod fishing for the crab opener. Looking for 20 - 3oz and 20 - 10oz in either cannonball, torpedo (pref), banana shape (trolling) or bank. If your...
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    Re: Official roe giveaway thread....

    Citrus Height/ Orangevale area. I deal with liquor reps, both wine and hard so you get the picture. Let me know, Thanks!!
  21. GREAT deals on Shimano rods at Sportsman's Warehouse plus free shipping... kinda

    Shimano rods on sale at SW online plus they will ship to their local stores for free. I own a 2 - 8'6 clarus spinning and love them, plus the instant in-store replacement is great. Had my eye on the...
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    Re: ***feather river salmon***

    Fished today for a few hours out of Verona for a big 0. I did get a couple nice striper though. Went to a couple of my favorite spots on the Feather, saw one fish role but that was it. I guess two...
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    What's your favorite rig in the kelp?

    Well myself and a buddy went to Timber cove on Saturday with the yaks. The weather was less than agreeable to say the least so we kept in close near the kelp. My question is what type of setup do you...
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    Re: Draggin out cut bait

    Moosh it up, add some scent put in containers, freeze and attach to anchor line. works great for stripers and sturgeon and even lings in the kelp.
  25. Re: Looking to buy my First Kayak - Suggestions for Beginners?

    I own a scrambler xt and a scupperpro tw. Each boat has it's benies. After testing the perception pescador at $599 this will most likely be my next yak. It's basically an older Tarpon but much...
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