As one who fishes alot and likes to mine am able to see both sides of this problem . Its been 150 years since the gold rush started . There was 235 mercury mines operating in Ca. They produced @ 190 Million pounds . This liquid metal does not go away unless removed with equipment . It has many uses in todays industry including our lite bulbs that save so much electricity .No miners are useing it in there sluce boxes in this country due to the modern carpets that trap lead ,mercury and the gold to .
Mercury sells for 8.00 dollars a pound ---and is sold in 76 pound flasks for 600.00 +dollars . In 20 years of prospecting in Ca. have seen no miner put this stuff back into the water ways .
In 150 years this metal hasnt gone away --it doesnt dissapear back in the earth .Ever year dues to the natural processes of nature ,this mercury moves around . Many river dont have magical cracks that swallow this up . If this was the case ,we would not see it in our rivers 100 years later .
The Federal Goverment has sent companys into areas on the Bear River to vacume up gravels at Hydrolic pits at Dutch Flats area .These dry gravels were washed and cleaned and put back into place .
Maybe we can treat this problem like our State and Federal budgets ---Put our heads in the sand -- A magical fairy will make it all go away.. Hows that workin for Ya ..
Many of those who are pushing against dredging have never layed on the bottom of a river and seen Mercury ..Nature cant fix this problem folks .