I used to go for nothing but the best but to tell you the truth, there isn't one heck of a lot of difference. The differences can be found in magazines and in manufacturers claims but the reality is that only a very few very picky fishermen will ever be able to tell.

I now run Trilene or Izorline and I don't change it unless I notice a problem. So far I haven't but I keep extra fresh reels onboard just in case.

Most of my fishing is for some trout species and I put 12lb on every reel to ensure that no matter how much of a hurry I get in, I'll still have decent knot strength.

This past week I had 12 different people using my gear and not once did someone say "this must be cheap line" or "This lines too heavy". They just kept hauling fish in and smiling.

The bottom line for me is that I'm keeping money in my pocket and still catching the same amount of fish.