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Thread: Lopez Lake 8/26

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    Re: Lopez Lake 8/26

    Any Smallies in the mix?
    Have gotten some real nice ones on spinnerbaits and Ikas in the past, but mostly targeted the Crappie the times I have been to the lake.

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    Re: Lopez Lake 8/26

    Quote Originally Posted by Tonysgonefishin View Post
    Sorry, no pictures, but maybe I'll remember the camera next time!
    Great report and welcome aboard the Sniffer. Just remember, no pics it didnt happen. LOL!! And we love the fish porn here


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    Lopez Lake 8/26

    Went out to Lopez Lake on Monday for a couple hours in the afternoon. Started out throwing plastics along main lake points for not much love. We were also throwing deep cranks for a couple. A little later in the afternoon the wind picked up so we headed to the shallow, wind blown, grassy coves in Wittenberg arm. Ripped lv500's through the grass for about 30 fish to 3lbs between the three of us. Epic moment when all 3 of us laid back in to fish within 5 seconds of each other. Sun dropped below the hills and that action all but stopped so switched back to drop shotting for a couple more dinks. Between the 3 of us we were out for a little over 4 hours and got about 40 fish, most in the 8-14 inch class with 5 in the 2-3lb class.

    Sorry, no pictures, but maybe I'll remember the camera next time!

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