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    I want a refund on my fishing license.

    I live right near the America River. I like to fish. I buy a license that keeps going up in price each year so that I may enjoy the river as a sportsman should. A few years ago they closed salmon season and I contemplated I'm thinking about it again. Within the last month I spent my hard-earned dough to get a license based on the assumption that I'd be able to fish waters that my license fees help to maintain - to fish waters that we have fished since "god made the river" (as my son says). Whether or not I agree that the preservation of salmon eggs in the rocks is the reason for yesterday's closure...if I spend money on a license and steelhead report card and the river I normally fish (along with many others) is closed to fishing a month later is it unreasonable to want to ask for a refund (not total, just partial)? Is it possible that I am paying fees that are then directly used to fund the prevention of me fishing the river? (game wardens, biologists, etc.)

    Don't get your knickers in a bind on this. Try to see the humor in it. Has anybody else here or elsewhere raised this point? And, keep in mind that I'm not saying I'm opposed to the closure. That's not my point here. My point, like the recent rant here about the Burger King, is that I'm paying for something and not getting it.
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