Last Sunday, Mother's Day, we went hiking to Mirror Lake, hoping to spy on many fishes along the river. The hiking trail to Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park would have been perfect except for the trail of fresh horse droppings every 5-10 feet or so. They should not allow horseback riding on this trail unless the horses has some poop catchers like they do in cities. The droppings are washed down into the pristine waters of the Merced river system, and it goes down into various lakes. Too much commercialization of horseback riding is called an abuse. It would be healthier for you to walk rather than ride the horses. On our half hour walk, we encountered more than a dozen tourists riding on horses and we have to step aside from the trail or be run over! Now the trail reeks of horse manure just like in horse stables, full of flies, horse urine, and it truly stinks. This is not what a national park should be!!!

I am not against horseback riding, especially for people who are willing to pay, but is it really too much to ask the stable operators to install poop catchers on each of the riding horse? I've heard they pay a lot of money for the licenses and permits which helps fund the park. We should also know that the poop catchers should not cost that much especially if passed down to the willing tourists who don't want to carry their butt off when enjoying nature.