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    Re: Silver Fork AM river

    I was at the silver fork about a month ago and the fish were few and far between and very small. They haven't planted since May and I believe won't be planting until temps cool off.
    Always wishin I was fishin!

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    Re: Silver Fork AM river

    In my opinion, I believe the Silver Fork is overrated for fishing. IF you choose to go there, and catching fish is important, I would make sure there has been a recent plant and locate the campground in which the plant was made. If it were me, I would consider sticking to the lakes this year. The drought has made fishing the rivers tougher than normal. Water flows are down, temperatures are up, the gov isn’t excited about planting fish when water levels are down and temperatures are up. They will however plant in lakes.

    I like the Loon lake area. If you still want stream, I would consider going up hwy 108 to strawberry. From that point to the crest…there are many opportunities for you. Both lake and stream. It also will be much cooler up there. Take a look at a map and notice how much of 108 runs next to the river….and then 108 hits 395…up near walker there is some decent stream fishing. And unbelievable views. IF streams are tough, as I suspect they are, you will have the option of fishing many of the local lakes and have a great shot at catching some for the kids.

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    Silver Fork AM river

    The family is headed out for another camping trip. The last few trips have been to lakes the last being UVR. Thinking of changing it up and hitting a river. I was looking at the campgrounds in the silver fork area. I did some some searches and it looks like panther martins and worms are the best.

    Is silver fork a good place to camp this time of the year or would you direct us els ware. We are trying to get up in altitude for some cooler weather.

    Good plan or will we be crowded out?

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