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    Re: Folsom Lake 15 FEB 15

    I was there Sunday as well. We started by the dam for a few hours and had no hits. We marked all day between 45-60' and some sporadic marks at 90-120'. We headed up to the south fork at 11:00 and caught 1 decent 17" king at 50' right away. Marked a ton of fish and bait in that area, but didn't manage any more strikes until we left at 1:00. Water was still pretty stained, so I'm sure that was a factor.

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    Re: Folsom Lake 15 FEB 15

    Thanks for the report

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    Folsom Lake 15 FEB 15

    Went out on Folsom today targeting Kings and not and damn thing.

    I was rolling anchovies behind dodgers and flashers all day. Switched up to lures for the final hour and called it a day around 1pm.

    Marked a ton of bait balls and trolled right through, around, over, and under without a single strike.

    Fish were marking at 80-100 foot.

    With all the bait in the area it's going to be tuff getting these fish to want what we're offering.

    Didn't see anyone other than a bass fisherman catching and releasing a small largemouth between the river mouths.

    Think I'll go to Union Valley next weekend and chase Mack's.

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