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just to clarify this for myself, when you use the term flossing are you referring to bead fishing? if so, do you consider that as solely a snagging technique? I wonder if there might be more to it than that, judging by the numbers of fish caught that way that are mouth hooked- and with a single hook at that. is it possible the salmon are reacting in some other way to the egg-like bead?

i'm not defending snagging, I just remember as a kid trying to snag fish I could see with a treble hook and finding that wasn't all that easy to do. I dunno, it seems there may be a little more to it than the line running into a salmons mouth and sticking a single hook in it, to boot. perhaps some instinctive "protect the egg" impulse, or ??

any thoughts on this?
By the time you got to this thread, the original article was taken down. I've attached it below so you can see how the author used the term "flossing". I hope we don't see any future articles from this author...