Hey folks, I have a quick question about crappie fishing up at Clear lake. I was just up this past weekend fishing a bass tournament and saw several boats up north anchored by the tulles fishing crappies - some boats doing quit well at it. I've fished for crappie up there a few times but it's been in the earlier months of the year when water is much colder. They are usually bunched up in some of the more well known areas off of Shag Rock, Sea Breeze, Kono Tayee to name a few.

I'm wondering how the heck you figure out what tulle clumps to fish when they scatter from the previous mentioned cold water haunts and hit the tulles. Any advice on how to narrow that playing field down is welcomed. I'd like to head up there again this weekend and fish for some crappies. Is there a pattern that could shorten my learning curve or is it just a matter of hunt and peck until you run in to them?

PM me if you have secret waypoints and don't want to blow up your spot!