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    Re: REPEAL the STRIPED BASS POLICY from 1996 - Here We Go Again!!

    Seems funny the Striped Bass have been here for over 100 years and Now they are affecting the other fisheries, looks like they are barking up the wrong tree, how many salmon do the commies take?? they cut our take on Blacks but not for the commies. Guess we don't spend enough money to make them take notice.
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    REPEAL the STRIPED BASS POLICY from 1996 - Here We Go Again!!

    Here we go again....... another attempt by the elite to receive favorable legislation that works towards their interest in the name of saving salmonids................which the elite also do a great job of killing off too.

    This will continue until sport fishing is so marginalized that there is nobody left to care................. It's an effort to get to Redding AND take a day off doing it too. Has to be done.



    MUST ATTEND EVENT JUNE 12th 8:30 am to 4 pm
    Red Lion Hotel Redding
    1830 Hilltop Drive
    Redding, CA 96002

    Last week at the Wildlife Resources Committee Meeting the department of fish and wildlife and Commission decided to push forth thru the committee to REPEAL the STRIPED BASS POLICY from 1996. Second to ADOPT the NEW DELTA MANAGEMENT POLICY which calls for strict protections for salmonids and listed fish only! This is the first step for removal and destruction of our delta bass fisheries and more! If repealed and adopted it will allow the commission to direct the department towards INCREASED bag limits and REDUCED size restrictions! We need your help to attend this meeting and speak your voice to continue the STRIPED BASS POLICY of 1996 and protect this fish and our industry. There will be no more protections for Stripers!

    We will be announcing 3-4 locations with PAID TRAVEL BUSES to help get people to the location in Redding! These locations will be Martinez, Rio Vista, Sacramento and Yuba City/Colusa areas. Please reach out and help us with this fight and join today at

    PLEASE SHARE THIS POST EVERY 2-3 days EVERYWHERE on Social media to make sure EVERYONE understands how important it is to so up! We need to be united and SHOW UP!

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