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Was recently at Walmart and looked to see if they had any 12ga steel shot for dove. Nada and the salesperson said their store and others in the Fresno area had not been shipped it in some tome. Also asked about the background check. Said unless you have an enhanced CA id, you will need to bring your current CA id and either a passport or birth certificate to do the check.

Makes it it hard to hunt dove when the stores donít carry the ammo required and one has to bring paperwork necessary to go to another country to purchase it if they did. 🤷*♂️

It all depends on what CA DL you have. If you have the brand new one "real ID" that doesnt say "federal limits apply" than you do not need any additional identification. Same goes for if you have the old school DL before they started issuing these new ones. However if your DL says "federal limits apply" you're required to provide the additional identification.