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Thread: Oroville 8/2

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    Re: Oroville 8/2

    Sweet, thanks for the detailed report. I grew up fishing Oroville and catching 2 and 3 year old fish is fun. Sure wish I lived closer these days.

    Congrats on a nice trip.

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    Re: Oroville 8/2

    Great report, thank you.

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    Oroville 8/2

    Little bit of a late post, but better late than never...

    Anyway, my buddy and I decided to try Oroville for land locked kings rather than the river and we had some success!

    We decided to launch out of Loafer Creek since it seems to be a little less used than Bidwell and got out about 8am. We went strait to the dam since that's where we've done well in the past. No action for the first hour and a half when I suggested that if we didn't get a bite shortly that we should go over by the green bridge. Guess what... We had a bite and landed our first King from Oroville in 3 years! It was a 3-year old fatty that came in at just under 3 Lbs. No bites for the next 30 minutes or so and we headed over to the green bridge. There were a couple of other boats in the area, we were seeing a lot more activity on the fish finder and we watched 2-3 fish come in on the other boats... Things were looking up! Between 12:30 -3:00 we had consistent hits, not off the hook, but a bite nearly every pass and we brought in 4 more nice kings. On the last pass heading back to the launch we thought we had a nice one because of the angry nature of the hit and the fight, but it turned out to be a bass... It's just not a normal day on Oroville without catching a bass on the downrigger! Here's a pic of the first 3:


    Here are the specifics:
    Speed: 1.3 - 2.0;
    Depth: 45' - 65' (most his were in the 50' - 55' range);
    Temp: 78 - 82 Surface temp;
    Lure: Anything white/silver, but the lure of the day was a pearl Koke-a-bow accounting for 4 of the 5 fish taken home.

    This is our first time back to Oroville since the Spillway issue, and it was a good day. As a side note, my friend called and was told that State Parks will be opening the spillway launch on weekends only sometime later this month. It's good to see the lake back in action.

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