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    Crab snaring with kids

    Took the kids on one last camping trip before school to Lawson’s Landing. Left the boat home as it was a short trip and boogie boarding got more votes than fishing.

    We did; however, get in some crab snaring in the bay. The kids loved it. Dungy season is closed but that didn’t matter, they got a kick out of just catching them and playing with them a bit. Several folks were keeping legal rock-crabs. Had several bury in the sand at our feet to hide and then re-emerge after a few minutes. Cool to watch. Water was very clear and you could watch crab move along the beach with the incoming tide. Dropped the snare 8-10’ from shore where we could still see it as crabs would wander by until they caught the scent and crawl over. Impressive number of crab although most were too small to be legal. Kept the kids (and dad) interested and having fun for several hours.

    You might starve to death trying to catch big dungeness this way, but there’s lots of fun and some tasty rock crab to be had doing it. More fun than a kite and volleyball on the beach in my opinion.
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