I somehow convinced my boss and CEO to go fishing with me out with Rick Powers of The New Sea Angler. The CEO ended up being called away so it was my boss, my dad, and I aboard the boat on Wednesday morning all rigged up for rockfish. All of a sudden we are notified that we will be fishing for salmon and we need to start rigging up. Of course I have zero salmon gear so we purchased all necessary leaders and what have you and a few hours later we were doing circles around a group of whales. We were in 100 to 180 feet of water and most everyone was hooking up between 25 to 85 feet of depth. I hooked and landed 3 shorties and one 12 pound keeper. My dad landed 5 shorties and 3 keepers with the biggest coming in at just over 18 pounds. My boss got one keeper and one shorty.
We spent the entire day from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the same area and the action never stopped. We pulled in with 64 salmon on the boat which was limits for everyone. A good thing too since I thought I was going to have to give my salmon up for my boss lol. This was my first ocean salmon and I am in search of a good smoked salmon recipe. I already got a $50 smoker?bbq that came with wood chips.
With four salmon in the freezer I think I have enough to experiment with.