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    Re: Going to Lake Almanor in a couple weeks. Need advise


    I'll be up there later in September. It's a fickle lake, and I try to stay current by reading the online fishing reports from, Almanor Fishing Association, Almanor Fishing Adventures, and Big Daddy's Guide service. My experience from fishing this time of year has been that the fish are feeding on pond smelt. The fish move with the bait. If you find some bait balls, there should be fish around. If it's not windy I try to slowly drift the area and jig; otherwise, I keep passing through the area slow trolling a hoochie or piece of night crawler behind a sidekick dodger. Early in the morning you could start with speedy shiners, but by the time the sun hits the lake I would recommend slow trolling. Just my two cents; again check the experts reports. The lake is blessed with a lot of water this year. East shore from the dam to the rock wall should be good, Pratville area should be good, and the area around Big Springs is where I'll target along with the east side of the peninsula. Best luck; there are some nice fish in that lake!

    p.s. -- I use two down riggers on this lake, and ALWAYS have a lead core rig running as well when I'm trolling slow.
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    Going to Lake Almanor in a couple weeks. Need advise


    Going to lake almanor on Sept 13th, fishing Saturday and sun and coming home monday. Need advise on what I should be using. This weekend will be a a new moon so unlike last time I tried fishing this lake (Full Moon) and only got 1 bite, and 1 fish for 3 full days of fishing. I am hoping this trip will be different.

    My thinking is that since the fish wont have the moon light to feed at night, they are probably going to hungry come first light.

    should i use the typical trout trolling lures, like firetiger rapalas, spoons, speedyshiners. Should I use Flasher and/or dodgers on all presentations.

    I guess my initial plan is day 1 launch at the ramp by the dam and troll north up along the east shoreline. I read that is where people go. Then depending on how we did day 1, if its a big zero, I will launch at the ramp by Pratville and maybe just troll the west shoreline south towards the dam or over across the way by the peninsula

    I loving fishing with my best friend my dad, and would NOT trade the time I spend with him for anything in the world, but sometimes it just gets tiring getting skunked all the time. I know just need to put my time in like everyone else I guess

    Andy "Bub" Simmons

    " I Love the smell of Powerbait in the morning"

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