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I can't speak to illegal growers, I'm not exposed to that world. I DO agree all the taxation is onerous and does keep the black market flourishing. But in my world, I grow my own. I had people asking me to sell them some and I refused. It's MY stash, it's NOT for sale, and I don't need any f*ckin' cops coming to my house asking me if I'm selling. Or breaking the door down. So I grow very quietly, within the laws, and I can have a two-to-three year stash from one very successful grow. I don't want nor do I claim to be a part of any "drug culture." I see it like some guy making his own beer or wine. I know one guy who brews the maximum allowable under the law, and he makes enough to bottle two years worth.

I will grow two-to-three years worth with my grow next year. One thing I DO use, that the moonshiners use, is mason jars. GREAT for vacuuming out all the air and keeping the product fresh. Cool, dark place and I have that. <shrug />
I do not grow any myself, I would just buy it legal if I need it. I do use mason jars mostly in the larger size to store goods that can get bugs. I have been doing it since the 80's with tillia vacuum machines. We store a bunch of stuff including fish in the freezers......Jetspray