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So I have been scratching together some cash to get us a boat - currently we do not have one. We do a variety of fishing from ocean, river and sierra lakes. I have been toying with the idea of an inflatable as storage is a little bit limited at our house in terms of sliding a trailer in the driveway, I might be able to pull it off on the cheaper end of the spectrum and it could potentially do most of our needs o.k. We have tried twice to use our 3 person jet ski at the lake for jetting out to fishing spots and for float fishing and it's pretty miserable.

There's a lot chatter here about various boats and setups but not much noise about folks in inflatables. Any one have any burning opinions one way or another.

For what it's worth, I am trying to steer away from a tiny tender and land in something more like a futura or other 11'+ boat so if we do end up fair weather ocean going - we stand half a chance of being comfortable and being able to actually get out there.
What about a porta-bote? I know it sounds crazy, but I have one and they are very stable. You just have to get used to the flexable hull. I have one and have been happy with it.