Got to the pier around 7 on Friday, people already waiting with their gear along the sidewalks. Officially the pier is closed from 10 pm to 4 am. By 10, the pier was empty except for maybe one or two 10:30 nobody had come by to close the gates.

Shortly after that a couple dozen people began heading out into the pier, then around 11:20-11:30 a Pacifica city employee came by, noticed the gate was open, closed it and contacted Pacifica PD.

PD had everyone leave the pier Wich took some time. Everyone was off the pier by around 11:50 and then they opened the gate at midnight.

Soaked the pot from midnight to 7:30 and pulled up 12, two of them were short, one was a female. So ended up with nine on one haul (end of the pier on the 90 degree portion and using chicken drumsticks as bait. No marinade/scents).

Got skunked on snares although they were coming up around the pier on snares. Wind picked up late morning/early afternoon, blowing offshore. Zero swell, zero tide movement but the crabbing totally dropped off after the sun came up.

Sold some snares and came home with nine (including two big rock crab). All in all a good way to spend the opener.

Good luck to you all.