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    Re: West Coaster 152 by Klamath recall

    What’s the alternative? I’m sure they put those floatation boxes there because without them if the boat swamped with the weight of the would either sink completely or just the tip of the bow would remain above water. I assume there is already floatation under the floor. Do you have any ideas of another way to add sufficient floatation in the stern of the boat?? I’m not trying to hassle you I’m just asking.
    i understand you’d be pissed, and Klamath should not have built the boat without sufficient floatation but if the CG mandates it, it is what it is.
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    Re: West Coaster 152 by Klamath recall

    Id be pissed

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    West Coaster 152 by Klamath recall

    Are there any other owners of West Coaster 152's by Klamath who are dis-satisfied with the way Klamath has chosen to add floation to the boat, which ordered by the USCG as a recall.

    These 'floatation boxes' totatlly alter the rear floor room in the boat......

    Any other owners out there?

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