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    Re: Trolling Battery Help

    I have the same Minn Kota with two Interstate group 27's and I can troll all day. Testing the charge out at the end of the trip it's only dropped one bar on the Minn Kota gauge.
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    Re: Trolling Battery Help

    I have 31s with 110ah and will last six hours at 80% trolling at 2.8mph on a minn kota riptide 80lb. I would not go any smaller for that application. It really depends on how hard you hit them. AGMs will last longer (cycles and on the water) I wouldn't go with regular flooded batteries. Li-ion would do the trick but $$$$$$$

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    Re: Trolling Battery Help

    I had 2 batteries in my Alumaweld Stryker under the well. One starter and one deep cycle. Both were 27 series and they fit fine. Go with a slightly smaller trolling battery so you can fit them back there. If a smaller battery doesn’t do it for you then consider plan B.
    As far as fish storage I put mine in the live well which was under the left side passenger seat. I used the fish box for storage, life jackets and things.
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    Re: Trolling Battery Help

    I have two group 24 and last all day trolling. I alway plug the onboard charger after a day's trolling and if it sits for a couple of weeks, then I also plug it in the night before.

    BTW the batteries will be three years old come this April.
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    Trolling Battery Help

    Hi all,

    I have a 80 lbs Terrova for my 19' Alumaweld Stryker. My question is how much battery do I need size wise. I wanted to go with group 31 that have 105 amp hours (AH) which is what Minn Kota recommends. But I'm trying to find a good place to mount the batteries. I don't have room in the bow hatch for group 31 but maybe group 24 but those drop to about 75 amp hours. That is a lot less.

    I could maybe use the fish well in the bow since it is bigger than the anchor hatch. If I am going to keep fish that day (rarely do) I will throw in a big ice chest which will keep the fish better anyway. I could put one battery in the passenger footwell and one in the center step for going through the windshield to the bow. I sat in the seat with a mochup battery in the foot well and it really didn't get in the way at all.

    I want to plug for striper from the bow and would be nice to make it all day or near that long on the batteries without draining the batteries to zero. That hurts the life of the batteries. So Could anyone tell me the run time they get from different batteries preferably running a 80 lbs thrust trolling motor? I need to figure out if I really need 105 AH or can get by with 75 or 90 AH. I am just using flooded batteries for the budget and even looking at much much more expensive batteries their AH is the same.

    Any Alumaweld or similar style boat with pics of batteries would be great!

    Thank you in advance.


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