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    Re: Illegals Only

    Good report, thanks for the update, I'm. With you, catching those many fish This time of year is great, the bigger one's will be around soon. I just down size my gear and have fun. Remember those other days when you wish you could catch anything. Yeah , things are starting to look better.
    I will be out there somewhere tomorrow.

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    Re: Illegals Only

    Sounds like a nice day out.

    Sometimes moving to shallower water with more current can lead to bigger fish. Look for flats or cuts into and out of flooded islands etc., vs fishing the main river. Pulling plugs, jigging and throwing swimbaits generally gets better fish if they’re around, but partly because the smaller fish don’t bite them as well.

    Sometimes it’s a weed through the little guys waiting for better fish. If that’s the case, mudsuckers last longer and aren’t as prone to the little guys. You can also wrap your bait in spawn netting and use a large circle hook. Doesn’t necessarily fish any better but it extends the length of time your bait survives. Stretch thread to a lesser degree.

    All that said, you will still occasionally get small fish on all of those, but fewer.

    The fish should start to get spawning on the mind here soon, smolts will be making their way down river over the next few months, so hopefully things will change and pic up soon.

    Thanks for the report.
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    Re: Illegals Only

    With your title I thought there were illegals fishing. You actually were catching undersized and not illegals unless of course you were to keep them. LOL.
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    Unhappy Illegals Only

    Yesterday we launched at Sherman Island and soaked bait in several locations on both the San Joaquin and Sacramento sides. We fished from the Antioch Bridge west to Browns Island and on the Sacramento side from west of Collinsville to the power lines. There was no problem getting fish to bite whatever we put down (shad, sardines, anchovies, shinners) and the two of us landed over 35 fish. At times we couldn't bait fast enough as one pole would be hit while we were we baiting the other and we had double hookups. Once I even had to try to set hooks on two poles at the same time - one in the left hand and one in the right (hooked one but not both). In addition to multiple locations and baits we tried different depths and fished both tides. But the largest fish we caught was slightly over 17 1/2 inches - not a single legal fish in the bunch. It was a beautiful day and we had and a great time with plenty of action so we were very thankful. But where are the take home fish?

    The water temp was between 49 and 51 degrees and the water was stained, however, the debris was fairly light.

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