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    Re: Chabot 2-23 Oh so slooowwwwww!

    Thanks for the report GN. I commend you on fishing while its raining. At least you never gave up and kept on trying till you got a bite :). Good Luck on the next fishing adventure. I'll be out there tomorrow around 0900hrs. FISH ON ;D!!!

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    Chabot 2-23 Oh so slooowwwwww!

    Fished the lake today, Indian Cove, and I realized one thing after it was all said and done. I am not fishmaster 2020. Arrived at about 7 and there was another fisherman who I belive had been there before 1st light. He left at 8 and then a few more fisherman showed up. 1 guy caught 2 fish right away about 15 yards out and 15 yards from the reeds on yellow/orange pe with scent. Then for 3 hours nothing till another guy got 1 small trout on a turquoise minnow imitation lure. 5 minutes later 1 nice 2-3 pounder came on a large castmaster in watermellon/rainbow pattern, and 1 more fish on chartruese pb rolled like a worm. My buddy was on the lake today and he had no bites. I finally got a bite at 5:30 p.m. and was yelling for him to get the net but since he didn't believe me I started to back it up on to shore only to have the fish come off 3-4 feet out. I guess I am glad I finally got a bite. The Rain was non-stop and the water close to shore was mudding up all day. My bite came when I saw a fish boil and cast out a minnow imitation lure in light blue. The fish seem to be coming close to shore, but 1 guy who missed 4-5 bites before he caught 2 fish was casting out as far as he could. Talked to many fisherman who fished Raccoon and it was pretty dead there also. I'd say give her 4 days before you hit up Chabot or change your name to fishmaster 2020.

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