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    Re: Lake Tahoe Winter Ramp Closures

    The Main Effert Here Should be to Remove and Keep All the Snow off the 2 little Ramps . *If I could do it at Cave Rock for 10 years by my lonesome and Without Pay .... a lowley private Citizen.....then the State and Federallys should BE Able to .... * * GET' ER Done !!! Merry Christmas !!! * * gst ;)

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    Re: Lake Tahoe Winter Ramp Closures

    Welcome rookie to the boards(allthough i'm sure not to fishing). Keep us updated and show us some pics(we love pics). Merry X-Mas


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    Re: Lake Tahoe Winter Ramp Closures

    Thank you very much for the update Nicole. We appreciate you keeping us informed.

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    Lake Tahoe Winter Ramp Closures

    [b]Just a heads up!!![b]

    The Cave Rock and Lake Forest ramps will remain open daily from 6 a.m. 4 p.m. through the winter, weather and lake conditions permitting. These are the hours that qualified aquatic invasive species inspectors will be on duty.

    All watercraft launching at Lake Tahoe are subject to inspection by qualified personnel. Those vessels determined to be at high risk of carrying aquatic invaders such as the quagga or zebra mussels, must be decontaminated before launching. Lake Tahoe Inspectors are provided by the Tahoe RCD.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event of a winter storm, the launch facilities may be closed during scheduled hours. The launch facility will re-open as soon as possible after significant storm activity has ended. Boaters must return to the launch ramps everyday before 4p.m., as gates will be locked.

    For up-to-date information on ramp closures, call the Tahoe Aquatic Nuisance Species hotline at 1-888-TAHO-ANS. This toll free number is available seven days a week, during daylight hours.

    For more information about Lake Tahoe's Watercraft Inspection program or Aquatic Invasive Species, contact me at

    Happy Fishin' and Happy Holidays! [smiley=grinch.gif]

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