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    Re: Eagle Lake in Sequioa, 4th of July weekend report

    Very nice post....Great pics, looks gorgeous up there.

    Getting away from it all ...priceless 8-)

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    Eagle Lake in Sequioa, 4th of July weekend report

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty infrequent poster, although I do lurk here often, trying to get my fishing fix when I can't be on the water. I thought I'd contribute a report.

    I went on a camping/fishing trip to Eagle Lake in the Mineral King area of Sequoia National Park over 4th of July weekend.

    Left from San Francisco Thursday afternoon. Fought traffic and arrived at Atwell Mill campground at dusk. Met up with my friends who were already there.

    Next day hit the trailhead at Mineral king, headed for Eagle Lake.

    The Hike was a tough 3.5 mile climb w/ a 2,800 foot altitude gain to the lake at 10,000 feet. But it was worth the effort.

    The lake was clear and emerald green. You could see lots of brookies swimming in the shallows or rising to eat the many flying insects.

    After setting up camp right on the lake, I tied on a small kastmaster and immediately starting catching fish, but it wasn’t as wide open as I thought it would be. I switched to a small spinner and the bites increased. I lost track of how many fish I caught and released. All from 8 to 10 inches.

    I kept a few for dinner and released the rest. They were delicious.

    Toward evening there so many fish jumping, chasing flies, that it sounded like rain. Amazing. But I couldn’t get anything to bite my spinners or spoons, since they were feeding exclusively on the bugs. No problem. I’d hooked my share all day. So I just sat back to watch the show and the beautiful sunset.

    There were only a handful of other campers at the lake. Not bad for 4th of July weekend.

    This trip also made me determined to finally take the leap into fly fishing, since I would have absolutely slayed w/ the fly rod. I'll probably be posting more on these boards seeking advice as a newbie fly fisher. Just what I need, more fishing equipment.

    Thanks for reading.


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