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Thread: Confusion!!!!

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    Re: Confusion!!!!

    They both work, Seco for the derby or the pond. Be ready if you saw my earlier post about Camanche.
    If the fish are rolling on top go with black / olive bugger with clear bobber or gold kastmaster. Also see guys slapping out power worms or crawlers on a bobber floating up top.
    If you do not see the fish moving up top throw in a #6 hook with three white power eggs on about a 3ft lead off of your sinker so that it will float up off the bottom. You will catch fish that way all day long I promise.


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    Re: Confusion!!!!

    Hey Guppy...Amador (check out the latest & greatest on the Dec. Amador thread) would be my first choice, but you'd probably be dealing with a lot less people at Camanche. Whatever you choose, best of luck & tight lines man! ;)


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    Re: Confusion!!!!

    well i say camanche ponds ;) there shouldent be too much people there considering that rancho seco will drive them away. plus if thats the case you can just get away from it all :) a guy went last weekend and caught limit on his float tube with woolybuggers ;) good luck deciding :)

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    where do i go!!
    this weekend i get to choose where we go
    here are my choices so far any input is appreciated looking for a place where i can bet to have a hookup
    i am thinking of either camanche south shore pond,rancho seco,or amdor
    there is the derby at seco but it is really crowded and we do not catch much well any input is appreciated let me here your opinions
    if you could tell me what color and what bait is working i would like that
    and if you do not want your secret being exposed

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