Started out in Dry Fork a little after 0600, the water was 68 degrees and no wind. *Caught ten fish, mostly Trout with one Salmon. *Started out at 50' and worked down to 70'. *Caught most of them on the Precious Metal Blue/Silver Humdinger several on the Glow Trout Cripplure. *Several dinks but also got some nice sized guys, 16 to 18". *All of them, even the small ones, were very strong.

The bite slowed after 0900. *The wind was up in the dam area so I headed on up towards Beaver Island and the Bridge. *Got a few more on the Blue/Silver HD and the Glow Shad CL 70' to 90'. *At that depth, I got a few larger fish but also caught a dink Salmon at 90'. *But again, even the Dink was strong.

Note to those that might be headed out this weekend to campgrounds on the McCloud Arm: *Boat launching at Hirz Bay might involve some delays. *There is a serious fire (800 acres plus) in the McCloud Arm area and it appears that the Forest Service is using the Hirz Boat Ramp parking area as the Fire Camp. *As a retired FS guy, I am familiar with fire situations; the Hirz parking area is the most logical spot for a Fire Camp as the actual fire location is inaccessible to motorized vehicles.

Thank a vet for his or her service this weekend... *