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    Re: Sugar Pine

    Most of our fish were 12"s with a few 13+ and a couple that were only 10"s.

    We ended up catching more fish on the rigger than top line. *Firetiger was the best color, also green tiger followed by red tiger.

    Nice place. *i did the whole pay loop as well. *Pay at the motor home, no envelopes, go back to sign for envelopes, no envelopes, finally the guy came out of the trailer with the envelope so I paid him. *In the end a very nice guy and a really fun trip.

    Sorry I missed you CraigV but I was trying to find you!


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    Re: Sugar Pine

    glad to hear you caught fish early. we did see you up in front of the boat ramp. nice boat. Id like to have your boat for the river. we just past you guys and heard you asking a guy on another boat if they were Craig. My wife heard you and asked if that guy (you) were looking for me. by the time we made our return, you guys were no where to be found and off the water. the area passed the dam area across the launch area in 55-70 feet of water seemed to be best trolling. my mom and stepdad were also out there and bringing in the fish as well. firetiger needlefish seemed to be the best around 15feet. the following day, the fish went deeper and deeper.

    sorry we didnt get to say hi. maybe next time somewhere.

    how big were your fish? most of the fish we caught were small 10-11inchers with an occasional 12 or so. we released the majority of the fish cause the were tiny. usually the fish are mostly 12-14 inches but will only see a few bigger than that. just wondering. i think the fish are smaller this year than normal at sugarpine and conditions and colors were also not the same. it also didnt have two hundred and one people along the beach and not many boats at all.

    hope to cross paths in the future. looking foward to pics. i didnt even take my digital camera out much this trip.

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    Sugar Pine

    Like many others I too was looking for quiet water. I live .9 miles from the Granite Bay entrance at Folsom but that was the last place I would go.

    Headed to Sugar Pine with my three daughters and one of their friends (yikes 4 kids 2-10) better find some fish Dad.

    Launched at 7:15, made them quit at 10:00 with 12 fish. Told them we could troll back to the dock... 4 more fish. Total 16 rainbows. Fish on CB tackle firetiger spinner with Gulp Crawler piece, Kens Custom tackle green tiger spinner with Gulp and a firetiger Cyclops with Gulp. Only 1 fish on std flashers with a regular crawler.

    Caught most fish 7-11 ft on the rigger, 4 or 5 on top. Had 4 doubles, landed 3 of them. I will post 4 ring circus pictures later.

    I have had a hunch that Gulp would out fish regular crawlers, tried the experiment this time, seems like Gulp 2 to 1 (on exact same setup).

    Good fun was had by all, pretty lake. We will be back!

    Teach your kids to hunt and fish!

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