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Thread: Jackson Meadows

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    Re: Jackson Meadows

    I've seen folks doing the speed trolling close to shore there, using Rapla's I would imagine. A buddy of mine caught a 5#er using flashers and a crawler. This was the exception to the rule though as I've only seen this once in many hours of fishing JM. There are some big bows in there as well, keep in mind the big boys are probably feeding on the 10" stockers they flood the lake with.

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    Re: Jackson Meadows

    Hey burninfuel, I fish Jackson a couple times per year...for browns, I'd suggest targeting the rocky banks to the east of the Woodcamp launch. This area and the stretch up north to Jackson Point have produced a few nice browns for me. I saw a guy with a 7lb male at the ramp once so there are definately some nice fish in there.

    We hope to see a report if/when you make it out there! Good Luck.


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    Jackson Meadows

    I need more info on Jackson Meadows; I have fished it in my 12' kayak a few times from the dam and a few rainbows, nothing big. My fishfinder says that some big schools south of the spill and east
    Excellent looking for Browns but it seems a long distance from west and long way for me from the est here in carson valley NV. Maybe I'll need to use my 17' smoker for a long weekend to realy check it out.

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