I have been going to Eagle Lake on Labor Day for the last 25 years. A lot has changed up there during that time.
Heres a photo from 1985, believe I caught this on on a frog Z-Ray.

you just don't catch beauties like this too often anymore. Look how fat that fish is, today a fish that length weighs a pound less. Don't get me wrong I still love to fish there, but it was better years ago.

Now my #1 bait is the 3" Berkley power grub. I would say brown is the best producer overall, but black is a close #2. I usually put a small bead on, I use different color beads, most days red usually works....somedays green is better.I fish the south end of the lake using down-riggers, start one at 10' the other about 20' before sunrise; then go from there. My favorite run; out of the marina about 200 feet,turn left, follow the shoreline around Pike's Point & down to the rocky point a 1/4 mile south. Caught some beautiful fish traveling that route.