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Thread: Lake Tahoe???

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    Re: Lake Tahoe???

    Kokanee hot/cold again this year off south shore. Planter rainbows with a few larger in the top 30 feet on east shore. Macks everywhere the lake drops steeply to deep water, they are at 50 feet and 250 feet, if you look long enough and use the right techniques, you can always get a bite or two. Believe your fishfinder. If you see the macks glued to the bottom (bottom- 100 feet, fish at 99), they will be tough. If you see fish 10, 20, 30 feet off the bottom, they are active and aggressive, fish 'em hard.


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    Re: Lake Tahoe???

    You better hope I don't leave you on shore BENDEM.....I may justtakethe girls out! LOL....see you Friday afternoon at the cabin....!

    Weez replied to my same quetion under the Blue lakes subject.

    He said east side dogers or flasers w/nightcrawlers.

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    Re: Lake Tahoe???

    I'll be right there with you on Saturday Motherload!! Hey Weez, what's the bite like on the Lake?

    Anybody else got any input?

    Fish on!!

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    Lake Tahoe???

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Well, It's been at least 2 months since I logged on to the forum, let alone get a line wet do to a Honey-do list that will choke a chicken. I'm 95% done with her list so I'm stepping out and going fishing saturday at Lake Tahoe. I'm going for trout and mack's and looking for any advice from anyone who's fished there recentley. Thanks for any info.



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