Been making it out with clients over the past few weeks whenever mother nature decides not to blow me off the lake. Though, getting a little to moderate wind, chop, rain, and/or snow has paid off big of late on the water. Even with the storms continuing to roll thru the area the lake temps have slowly been rising into the upper 40's, which has helped turn on the shallow water topline bite for both the Browns and the Macks along with a sprinkling of Rainbows.
The majority of the Browns have been in the 3 - 7 lb range and have been taken ripping plugs on a long 250 - 350 ft topline and slow trolling live minnows begind dodges and sidekicks in 15 - 35 ft of water. I have a feeling that with the full moon approaching later next week and with the forecasted weather report (more of mother nature) we may see a double digit Brown or two come out of Tahoe.
Larger Mackinaw have also made there shallow water debut of late, which has kepttoplini ng larger plugs (Trophy Sticks, AC Plugs, Spro's BBZ Trout, etc.) very interesting and rewarding. Most of these fish are going 4 - 10 lbs., but had a couple larger fish at around the 14 - 16 lb range.
As far as the Rainbows go I would rate the actions only as fair. Been getting a few here and there, but with really no consistency as of yet. Most fish have been taken slow trolling minnows and dodgers / flashers/ sidekicks, along with a few on the toplined plugs. Though this should change as the fish start coming back down from the rivers into the lake from there Spring spawning rituals. Also, an increase in water temp and presence of more minnows in the shallows should also help with the Rainbow bite.
Here are a few client pics, enjoy;

Ian's 16.5 lb Mack!

Karl's 6.75 lb Brown. Released!!

I even got to catch a 5 lb Brown. Released!

Jack's Rainbow!

So go fish & fish hard!
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