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    Re: Remember the Troops at Christmas

    Big Game,

    Great job, and very generous. I will mention all of those that have already served and paid dearly for our freedom, our Wounded Warriors.

    I have donated to this organization for the past few years and encourage others to consider doing the same.


    Yosemite Sam

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    Remember the Troops at Christmas

    I was at Starbucks ordering a "Fancy" Coffee for my wife last weekend and saw a letter from a Soldier in Afghanistan on the wall just asking for some comforts of home like Hot
    Chocolate, Coffee and Smores as they have only a few simple pleasures like campfires
    and such to remind them of home. I called the number of the local Veterans Assoc. that was on the letter and cut them a check without hesitating. It made me feel good.

    Remember those that are fighting for our freedoms every day, but especially during the Holidays when they are away from their loved ones.

    Big Game

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