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    Re: Bullards Bar

    I know a few weeks ago my buddy hooked 20 small kokes and landed 10, but I havent heard anything since. I agree, hopefully they're not going to charge a launch fee until the summertime. Great to see those bald eagles though. We saw the resident eagle at Rollins a few weeks ago nesting and my wife has never seen a bald eagle, so it was a great day to be on the water.

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    Bullards Bar

    Fished Bullards the other day. I thought it should be doing well, not so. I was targeting trout mostly only go two about 14 inches. Saw quite a few guys trying for Spots but the ones I talked to were not doing that great. Seems that most everyone were only getting one here and there. Lake was in great shape, weather was awsome and ramp was nice and clean. I do see the construction of what looks to be a pay booth on the Dark Day ramp. I hope they are only going to charge in the summer, this lake isnt as good of a fishery as it used to be so paying to fish would be upsetting. I also saw four nice bucks three three points and one four point up Willow Creek arm, saw two bald eagles and one Golden up the North Fork. So all and all a great day on the water just need to find the fish next time.

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