fished pardee this weekend and did good for how crappy its been from the bank. Friday we left from school and went strait to pardee we fished porkie pine point by the dam. Fished a kast master on the first cast had a fish on and had my drag to lose and it jumped and got of trew back in a other one hit it and i lost it again. By this time it was getting dark so we switched to bait and and had no more hits. saturday we got up at four god only knows why we did but because of no moon the morning bite was later i got my first fish around ten on a power worm below a water bobber the next two fish i got on chartruse power bait after this i packed it up for lunch. after lunch we went to tom sawyer island facing the lake the cove to the right. i got 3 on the power worm let one go. after getting my limit i called my buddy who had not caught anything and told i had a limit and showed him how to fish the power worm and the first cast he got one he ended the day with 2 sunday we slept in and woke up around seven and went tho the marina to get a water bobber to replace the one i lost. facing the marina the left cove we fished for about tem minutes with no fish so i moved to the first cement wall across from the marina. using a power worm on the second cast i got one forgetting my stringer i ran to go get one and told my buddy to come over and fish when i got back from the camp site my buddy had a nice 18 incher trew out again had one almost all the way to the bank and lost it left early around 10 to break camp. even though it felt like the weekend was full of lost and missed fish it was great weekend and i cant wait to go again was a very relaxing weekend