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    Re: Lake Chabot - Saturday, 4/2 - New Batteries ROCK!

    Thanks for the report. :)

    A one inch Kastmaster, is that like a 1/8 ounce model? That's pretty small and very interesting you caught something on that size. I'm wondering if the small size helped because it matched what they may currently be feeding on, bugs and spiders.

    Last week there were numerous web strands floating over the middle of the lake around bass cove. About four dime size black spiders (at least one with a red/orange belly) landed in my boat.

    Oh and yeah, and those batteries do rock!

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    Re: Lake Chabot - Saturday, 4/2 - New Batteries ROCK!

    Thanks for the good report. Glad you caught a few!

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    Lake Chabot - Saturday, 4/2 - New Batteries ROCK!

    Went out to Lake Chabot with a friend on Sat. Left the marina around 8 am. New batteries are great. We trolled 8-1:30 on a single one!!!

    Starting out, we trolled the left side of the island to the dam with no hits. Went with Tiger and Jointed Rapalas first, but no action. Still very overcast and the water was muddy with lots of debris. Around 11 the wind died down and the sun came out for a short while. We headed to the back of the lake to work the coves. My buddy hooked a nice 2 lb rainbow on a larger Rapala, silver, jointed as we trolled away from the dam.

    We worked on the two back coves with various bass lures at several depths, but didn't get a bite. Not sure if the water was too muddy or not warm enough for them to be moving up yet. Still searching for the elusive HAWG, having only landed a few small ones in summers past, nothing bigger than 2 lbs.

    After some time, we trolled back towards Bass Cove. I was using a 1" KastMaster - Chrome and hooked a rainbow trout around 12. just short of 3 lbs. Don't recall the exact location, but we weren't back to Bass Cove yet.

    Besides the keepers, I landed a junior by the island as we were headed back to the marina. Surprising fight for such a little one, no more than 8 inches. Not a lot of positive reports from others, bank and boats. Seems the cold front killed the bite for most everyone. Was happy to pull up to the cleaning station with a couple to put on the bbq that night, along with some lamb chops. Surf and Turf!

    Will go back next Saturday, but may wait until later since the bite hasn't been strong in the early morning the last two times out. Hope to see some of you at the cleaning station!

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