Inspector General says Reclamation wasted $32.2 million on Klamath irrigators

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Federal auditors have found that the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) wasted $32.2 million intended for fish and wildlife and drought relief in the Klamath Basin on subsidies for irrigators. This scandal takes place as the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa … Continued

California’s Scariest Halloween Horror Show: Jerry Brown’s Delta Tunnels

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While adults and children alike dress up as vampires, ghosts, zombies, extra-terrestrials and other creatures on Halloween, Governor Jerry Brown is busy promoting his own real life horror show that exceeds the terror found in any scary movie that’s ever … Continued

New study reveals how reducing river flows harms San Francisco Bay and coastal waters

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One of the most difficult ideas to get state and federal officials to acknowledge is that fish and marine life in our bay and ocean waters need fresh water flows to thrive — and that diverting massive of quantities of … Continued

Delta communities submit comments on environmentally unjust California WaterFix

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Jerry Brown is often falsely portrayed as a “climate leader” and “green governor” by the mainstream media, but he is pushing for the completion of the most environmentally destructive and environmentally unjust public works project in California history, the Delta … Continued

Yurok Tribe finds deadly disease in Klamath River salmon

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The Klamath River salmon fishery, an integral part of the culture, religion and livelihoods of the Yurok, Hoopa Valley and Karuk Tribes of Northern California, is going through some tough times this year. Because of the record-low run of fall-run … Continued

Delta Tunnels: Restoring An Estuary by Diverting Its Water?

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After covering fish, water, and environmental justice issues in California and the West for over 30 years as an investigative journalist, I’ve concluded that the California Water Fix, the new name for the Delta Tunnels, is the most environmentally devastating … Continued

For first time in 54 years, salmon will not be served at Klamath festival

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There will be no salmon served at the Yurok Tribe’s Klamath Salmon Festival, set for Saturday, August 20 on the Yurok Reservation, because of the record-low fish run. This is the first time in 54 years that this has occurred. “The event is meant to be … Continued

Another Water Agency Taxes Property Owners for Delta Tunnels

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Ever since California voters overwhelmingly rejected the peripheral canal in November 1982, the state and federal governments and regional water agencies have concocted a number of schemes to fund this unpopular water diversion plan without a vote of the taxpayers. … Continued

Groups Expose The Big Lie: “There’s No Plan B to Delta Tunnels”

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On June 27, a coalition of conservation, fishing and environmental justice organizations submitted a letter to the Santa Clara Valley Water District exposing the “Big Lie” that there is no Plan B to Governor Jerry Brown’s Delta Tunnels, now renamed … Continued