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  1. trade trips??
  2. *****Please*****Please*****Please****South Bay*****
  3. Anyone got an open seat for sturgeon?
  4. Seat wanted
  5. want to fish this weekend
  6. fishing partner needed
  7. What kind of gear does a hitchhiker usually need?
  8. South Bay
  9. WCFT Don Pedro 4/24/10
  10. Open seat 2-10-10
  11. can i hitch a ride?
  12. anyone going out tomorrow?
  13. Anyone from Sacramento ice fish?
  14. Empty Seat for 1-29-10
  15. Open seat this year in my Jon boat
  17. Smith or Eel river banking partner!
  18. Room For Hitchers and Ticket for One
  19. Can I hitch hike??
  20. Maybe I'll get a ride someday...
  21. Re: plastic storage tubes for lures
  22. Friend coming to town, help please!
  23. Members Banned/New Rule
  24. Oyster Point 01-02-10
  25. Talk me into fishing tomorrow....
  26. American River Steelies
  27. rio vista superbowl sturgeon derby need boat ride
  28. Have boat need partner will travel.
  29. Saturday 12-19
  30. Special DVD OFFER!
  31. sac area mid week open seat
  32. Re: Fishing /Buddy / Loma Rica Ca
  33. Fishing buddy
  34. Float tubing partner?
  35. open seat
  36. Looking for an a couple seats on a sturgeon trip
  37. Striper Fest ''This Weekend''
  38. Looking for an open seat on Wednesday Veterans Day
  39. Looking for One Person For Sat,Sun Rockcod and Crab
  40. Bodega Bay 10/10 & 10/11
  41. Do you want to fish?
  42. u have the bass boat, i have the dock and fuel money.....
  43. im still lookin for a new buddy with a bass boat....lol
  44. Will have extra seat(s) for next couple of months...
  45. [m by=4F687B7B606C7B564F7B686762090 destboard=fresh_gen dest=1256276699]: 'Requesting Tips and Information for Locations for Freshwater/Shore Fishing'
  46. Short notice delta trip
  47. u have a boat? i have the gas money.
  48. who wants to go to the bay ?
  49. Looking for two extra boat seats for 10/15/08 San Pablo (have gas money)
  50. South bay sat. 10/10
  51. Monterey White Seabass
  52. pyramid lake opener
  53. Tuna
  54. Trinity River
  55. wiskey slough
  56. Monterey Bay to HMB
  57. Anyone goin to the bay this weekend?
  58. Bodega Bay Rock Fishing
  59. Get your Sniffer Stars
  60. anyone fishing anytime soon and has an open seat?
  61. Hell Hole 7-2 to *7-6
  62. anyone got a seat open around bodega?
  63. fishing partner needed
  64. butt fishin
  65. in need
  66. silver lake
  67. Re: UVR - open seat, most weekdays..
  68. Halibut charter on July 1st. Need to fill 2 seats
  69. Wanted: *Fishermen
  70. Melones for Kokes, 6-13
  71. lonely      fisherman
  72. Caples Lake July 4th weekend.
  73. thumb out for bassin' this week
  75. Anyone have a seat Tuesday 6/9?
  76. Re: Stranger Protical??
  77. Berryessa 6-8
  78. Berkeley Buts in the yak
  79. Rock cod open
  80. Re: Flaming Gorge Seat Available
  81. Del Valle
  82. Great company for anyone with a boat
  84. Looking for people to fish panfish around stockton
  85. Don't want to fish alone.
  86. Monday or Tuesday, any week
  87. whats up? lets fish! NEED FISH BUDDY. NAPA AREA
  88. Memorial Day thumbs out
  89. Looking to tag along at amador this memorial day w
  90. wrong place.....sorry
  91. Friday May 15,2008
  92. Hell Stock Hitchhiking 2 Part Post
  93. chabot this weekend
  94. Im,going to bucks lake one seat open
  95. Anyone with a couple open seats on their boat?
  96. Friday may 8th Berkeley
  97. Looking to go fishing it the bay
  98. New Melones 5/6 or 7  SEAT FILLED
  99. Looking for a ride next week
  100. Anyone going to Berry?
  101. Oops!
  102. hh for butt fest
  103. hell hole/Hell stock
  104. Wednesday Fishing!!!!!!
  105. Bay fishing trip
  106. striper ride?
  107. Open Seat SF Bay
  108. Lookin For a Ride for this weekend
  109. fishing for turkeys
  110. Need Help
  111. Looking for a ride in Monterey or SC for rock fish
  112. Care to learn McClure
  113. chasin halies or sturgys?
  115. Bridgeport Reservoir Opening Day
  116. Open seat Berryessa 4-17
  117. Looking for a spot on a bass boat
  118. Looking to get my boat out next week.
  119. OPEN SEAT Saturday at The Flat (Filled)
  120. Lady bass fisher looking for ride
  121. Anyone around Fresno
  122. Need P-Fest ride
  123. looking for saltwater fishing partners
  124. Loaner yak for P fest
  125. Well i bought a river boat for the sac near chico
  126. Need P-Fest Ride(s)
  127. P-Fest in April
  128. chick
  129. Day off, goin fishin, wanna go?
  130. Looking to Hitchhike on Ruth Lake (Trinity Co)
  131. open seat for delta stripes
  132. thumb out for the bay wednesday 3/25
  133. Anyone have a seat open for pyramid?
  134. Humboldt Surf-Perch Tues 3-17
  135. Anyone fish in chico?
  136. Looking for new fishing buddy's
  137. folsom
  138. No boat this week :(
  139. delta 3/07/09
  140. Clear Lake
  141. trout and salmon trip
  142. Sturgeon/Striper Charter
  143. Mc Clure 3-9-09
  144. lake chabot anyone
  145. Re: camanche 3/6
  146. boat is down
  148. Re: Del Valle
  150. Pyramid Fri/Sat
  151. crappie
  152. Help With Boat at Pyramid!!!
  153. Open backseat Delta 2/2/09
  154. 3-4-09 Mc Clure
  155. Banking Buds
  156. Sturgeon,  Your Boat Or Mine,  Seeking Education
  157. Baum Lake 2-28
  158. HitchHikers? does anyone want a fishing buddy ????
  160. Looking for a fishing partner, im new to the board
  161. Steelhead fishing buddy
  162. I'm Looking For Some Fishin Buddies Antioch..etc
  163. Pyramid Fest hitchhiker/Guide
  164. New to board looking for pardee partner 2morrow
  165. Looking for fishing partners in the *far North
  166. Non-Boater/co-angler looking to fish
  167. looking for someone to go to pyramid
  168. Anderson Tomorrow
  169. looking for someone to go to pyramid
  170. Butte County area?
  171. Furloughed
  172. Fishing Lake Mc Clure Super Bowl  Sunday
  173. i got the sturgeon fever but no boat 420
  174. two diehards looking for seats -superbowl derby
  175. Looking to Hitch a Ride on Pyramid
  176. Hitchhiker looking for ride.
  177. Fort Bragg Buddy
  178. Got a new delta stamp
  180. Got a new Delta Stamp
  181. An open seat
  183. want to go perching
  184. Thanks to a fellow Sniffer
  185. alemeda
  186. need to catch a mackinaw
  187. Port of Sacto
  188. Moved to Fallon and I hardly get to fish..
  189. Dont go alone!Need a helping hand?
  190. Topaz Opener
  191. Sat 12-27-08
  192. [m by=troutfan destboard=fresh_trout dest=1228877888]: "Official" Spring  Pyramid Fest BS thread
  193. [m by=troutfan destboard=fresh_trout dest=1230000319]: Spring Pyramid Fest Apparel
  194. [m by=troutfan destboard=fresh_trout dest=1228877321]: Pyramid Fest April 17-19,signup and potluck thread
  195. [m by=troutfan destboard=fresh_trout dest=1229385487]: Amador Fest Sign-up Thread, March 27-29
  196. [m by=troutfan destboard=fresh_trout dest=1229419464]: "Official" Amador Fest B.S. Thread
  197. Open seat Pyramid, Tue-Wed
  198. Squid Trip, Monday Dec 15th, 08' - Whos interested
  199. my fishing buddie moved on me
  201. I need a fishing buddy from Rocklin area
  202. 12/1  Back seat Birthday Bassin?
  203. trip from sac to tomalas bay *(crabbin)
  204. Hiking Tips
  205. anybody fishing thanksgiving weekend?
  206. Need a sniffer with an open seat
  207. Looking to get some lessons on catching striper..
  208. Amador friday 21st
  209. Amador Or Camanche The 22nd and/or The 23rd
  210. tuesday11/18 port of sac
  211. Thumb out for Sac R. Salmon
  212. any one going to the delta on sat 11/22/08
  213. Help Wanted! fishing buddy.
  214. Anyone fishing Frank's Tract on tuesday?
  215. Re: Hitch Hiker list
  216. sunday morning *striper fishing
  217. Mackinaw Fishing
  218. Fishing Partner's needed
  219. No one Monday?how bout Tuesday?
  220. Looking for a rider this Monday for RV Striper
  221. amador early...
  222. lafayette res./ san pablo res.
  223. Pyramid this next sunday anyone want join Ray?
  224. Greetings
  225. Pyrmid Thursday
  226. Redwood City to Delta for Stripers
  227. I'm finally going to ask!
  228. Re: Chico, Paradise, Oroville area fishin' partners?
  229. Columbus Day open seats
  230. Lookin 4 backseat for striper or bass Oct 11-19...
  231. Looking for weekend fishing partner
  232. fishing in crockett
  233. Trinity 10/19 anyone going to be there? ...
  234. Looking for a open seat around Grayeagle Ca.
  235. pier fishing tonight
  236. Anyone up to go with me Surf Fishing or on Ocean?
  237. i want to fish
  238. Striper Trolling this week
  239. Trade a trip.....
  240. looking for backseat for delta
  241. Trade Trip for Trip
  242. Looking for fishing buddy near Santa Cruz...
  243. Re: Occasional Open Seat For Retired Fishin' Partner
  244. I'm off all next week. Lookin to do some fishin
  245. Have Open Seat For Retired Fishin' Partner
  247. Repost- Looking for Fishing Buddy with boat
  248. Looking for fishing buddy(s) with boat No Dating
  249. I need fishing buddies!!!
  250. Seat open in Reno area?