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  2. UC-Berkeley: California hasnít been so parched since 1580
  3. An Inherited Magnetic Map Guides Ocean Navigation in Juvenile Pacific Salmon
  4. How many times can a steelhead spawn?
  5. Fish handling guide?
  6. Sturgeon in Sac river easily sucked in to diversion pipes
  7. Death penalty for California sea lions [update 4/25]
  8. Exxon, you break my heart - the fishes!
  9. Study: only trace Fukushima radiation in albacore
  10. AquaCulture and it's Benefits???
  11. Mercury contaminations of fish...
  12. California Fish Species
  13. Invasive Yellowstone trout in decline
  14. 2013 Sturgeon Cards data
  15. Yellowstone Lake Trout Declining, shall we celebrate?
  16. Am so glad this 'alien' catfish went instinct.
  17. Dead Fish washes up in Los Angeles Harbor.
  18. Scary Fanged Scaleless Cannibal Fish washes ashore still alive.
  19. Want to know how drunk fish behave?
  20. Colorado River water reaches Gulf of California
  21. Climate Change driving native Trout to extinction
  22. Strapping sensors on Sharks to predict hurricanes.
  23. Hybrid vs Native Trout
  24. One of the reasons why California fishes are endangered.
  25. Secrets of Squid surviving the Oxygen starved depths.
  26. Real life mind and body snatchers of crabs.
  27. Study: Hatcheries stunt fish navigation
  28. Yakamas testing suction tubes to transport salmon
  29. Loving the bottom feeders
  30. Pilot Peak Lohontan cutthroat spawn in Trukee river
  31. Can we feed the world with farmed fish without destroying it?
  32. Pregnant women advised to eat more fish!
  33. Biggest Vertebrate more than 400 million years ago
  34. Fed Proposal: Kill Salmon Eating Birds.
  35. Crayfish stressed out like humans.
  36. A total of about 27 million salmon smolts trucked this year in CA.
  37. Catfish can detect pH change!
  38. Eating Tilapia worse than eating bacon?
  39. Large Scale El Nino could be underway
  40. Fishing is banned!
  41. What gives the fish flesh their color?
  42. Why it is a good idea to eat kimchi, pickled veggies and probiotics when eating fish.
  43. Fish Eating Spiders are common
  44. Endangered pupfish in Nevada
  45. BP oil spill slows down the fastest ocean fish.
  46. Real invisibility. Are the Fluorocarbon lines really invisible in water?
  47. California does have an electric fish.
  48. The word Narcotic has electrifying fishy origins.
  49. Who wants an earthworm for bait?
  50. Animal kingdom's most powerful suction cup
  51. Still more effects of Gulf Oil Spill
  52. More reason to catch your own fish
  53. Climate Change could cause heart failure in fishes.
  54. Fish oil helps prevent brain damage from alcohol.
  55. Two fish heads are better than one - literally...
  56. Why are Chetco Salmon So Big?
  57. Raising Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in captivity
  58. Eat Sardines rather than shrimp to reduce carbon footprint
  59. King Crabs, victim of acidic oceans
  60. Start of California's 30-50 year drought cycle?
  61. The oil industry always underestimated environmetnal damages of oil spills.
  62. Berryessa Kokanee spawn.
  63. Geoengineering: Open Sea Mariculture.
  64. Two rod vs one rod waters.
  65. California has given away rights to far more water than it has
  66. Reclamation reverses course on water for Klamath River
  67. The Salmon Cannon, perhaps the cheapest most efficient way to move salmon upstream.
  68. Threadfin Shad, Alewifes or Juvenile American Shad?
  69. Because of overallocation of water
  70. Saving Salmon with bird poop.
  71. How can you save something when you kill everything? California Lake to be poisoned.
  72. Fish play to have fun...
  73. Pond liners versus Zebra Mussels.
  74. Climate Change worsens water dead zones
  75. Some US Fish Population Rebound.
  76. Banning the Fishing of Cod
  77. Fukushima radiation is here!
  78. Google joins the fight against illegal fishing
  79. Death by Dirty Water.
  80. Lake Erie Algal Bloom Problem again. US-Canada
  81. Tagged Fish and animals are like dinner bells to seals and other predators
  82. Should the government shoot birds to kill the salmon?
  83. Should the government shoot birds to kill the salmon?
  84. Warmest Warm Water in Decades
  85. Lightning strikes set to double in frequency.
  86. Fish parasites
  87. Fish Popsicle ID
  88. Oceans Are Losing Oxygen
  89. Yuba Salmon Partnership Initiative
  90. Smallmouth Disease?
  91. Tresure trove of species and DNA discovered
  92. Poachers invading Columbia and other Rivers
  93. Fish Robot Helps diagnose problems with spawning fish.
  94. Conserving Bull Trout
  95. California's largest lake threatened by urban water transfer
  96. Salmon back in Nevada!
  97. Sturgeon study and thanks FlyWright!
  98. Eel River blind Chinook mystery solved
  99. Australia Will Deliberately Release Herpes Virus To Kill Invasive Carp
  100. Wanted: "Men fired gunshots, drank beer, vomited"
  101. 2016 UCD sturgeon study complete
  102. Colors and fishing lures.
  103. What is the cause?
  104. Any word on trucking salmon over Shasta Dam
  105. Return of a giant: DNA from archival museum samples helps to ID cutthroat
  106. Good news for Klamath and Trinity Spring Chinook
  107. Smaller Average Size for King Salmon on US West Coast