View Full Version : cabo suggestions

08-19-2006, 06:43 PM
going on my honeymoon sept 18-25 in Cabo. anybody have any references of good skippers to use down there? No specific target in mind, just want to have a good fishing trip. I introduced the future mrs. redneckpunk to trolling (for stripers) this year and now she is hooked and wants bigger (typical!).

08-19-2006, 07:28 PM
its been a few yrs for me....
but a boat to yourself is gonna run you some bank....
and splitting a boat you get what you get as far as
who you fish with and when its your turn on the reel....

I thing the guys on the beach with the pongas try way
harder and get you on fish just as good if not better...
the pongas are like 1/4 the cost of a boat, and you can
fish all day with them and get a better variety of fish...
if its a marlin,or sail you want ok, but most skippers do
the catch and release on them now days so I say go for
the pongas and have some fun.....

if you like beer
drink a few with your ponga skipper and you
will have a great day, and get your moneys worth....lol