View Full Version : Bass Lake Fun

01-09-2013, 07:53 PM
The fun continues. We hit the lake kind of late today 0930hrs, a few boats already fishing and some bank anglers too. Glad to see everyone was landing fish.

First fish came as soon as we put the lines in. A little fast and furious day, a couple of doubles for us, real exciting fishing action !!

I used a watermelon radical glow tube and toxic waste used a purple/pink assassin tipped with 1/2 a mini crawler, both setups top lined behind 50/50 dodgers with 100' set backs, 1.6 to 1.8 mph produced our catch.

The floating dock is high and dry ???? the ramp was plenty deep enough to launch our 18' Hewescraft, sure wish they would put the dock back in. Watch for a cement anchor some spoiler dumped in the water on the sheriff's tower side of the ramp next to the dock guide tracks. It was too heavy and deep for me to pull out, I did try. It is right where you could back your trailer into it.....:oldangryman:Thanks to toxic waste for spotting it before I got into trouble.