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01-16-2013, 09:27 AM
Skunked! 4 HNS, 1 LDR, no SDR. We’re blaming it on the cold weather! I joined 19 other SIR/Jolly Hookers for a Derby at Berryessa. Jack DeMuth was supposed to join me for the day but could not make it due to having a cold and concern about the sub freezing temperature early in the day. We launched at Markley. The 20 of us trolled all day foe one small rainbow! I guess you call that a slow day! We trolled everything in out tackle boxes. The one fish was caught on a white grub with a red egg. My 4 HNS were on a red dot frog #2 Needlefish (3) and a F7 silver/black Rapala (1) at one or two colors of lead-core with a 60’ mono leader or 150’ back on the surface with shad, herring or trophy trout gel. I got nothing on blue/silver hoochies with a piece of herring at 35-44’ down. The one LDR I had was on a 1” pink Apex. Most of my time, offerings were in the top 10’ of water within 100’ or less of the shorelines in Markley Cove, the Dam, Skiers Cove and Spanish Flat. 5.75 hours (7:15-1). Water 52*, clear. Air 29-52*. Wind: 0-4 mph. Sky clear.

At our weigh-in Bob Bonner was 1st with the only fish caught. Congratulations Bob!

After fishing Dan Piotrowski hosted a shore lunch alone of hot clam chowder, oyster crackers, french bread, orange slices, cookies, soda & water. A special thanks to Dan for pulling off a great lunch solo.

P.S. For those readers who don't know, SIR stand for Sons in Retirement, and is a large social club of retired, nearing retirement men. If you are interested in finding a SIR Branch near you go to http://www.sirinc.org/ChooseACity-20120107.pdf (http://www.sirinc.org/ChooseACity-20120107.pdf). A member of SIR can join our fishing club which meets once a month for breakfast, and has outings every month to northern CA lakes, the delta and the ocean. Other SIR activities include golf, bowling, walking, travel, dining, etc.. If you are interested in joining us, check out our web site http://www.thejollyhookers.com (http://www.thejollyhookers.com)/ or give me a call at 916-979-9589. See you out there.

Capt Nemo
01-16-2013, 07:15 PM
Geez! Do I think I have the secret?

I was planning on hitting Berryessa tomorrow, but maybe Sonoma is a better bet?

Or a nice fire and a snifter of brandy?