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01-30-2013, 11:48 AM
A little belated on the report, but I had a great time at Bon Tempe last Saturday, even though the weather and bite could have been better. I arrived around 10:00 and parked on the peninsula between the two arms on the way to Lagunitas. It was nice and sunny at the car so I decided to leave my windbreaker and down to the lake. As I crested the hill that leads down to the shore I instantly regretted that decision as I was blasted by the wind. The wind was blowing north-south hard enough to cause waves in the lake, but no whitecaps. Fortunately Bon Tempe is quite clear so only the first few feet from sore were churned up and muddy from the waves.

This is where I first set up. I realized it wasn't the spot I target when looking at the map, but I was in the middle of a nice cove and the wind was blowing right at me, so I thought maybe the food would be pushed that way and the fish waiting. I threw a copper Kastmaster while soaking chartreuse power eggs on my bait rod. I did get one bite on the bait rod, but wasn't able to set the hook. No luck on the Kastmaster.

Next I moved around to the point that led into the cove I was previous fishing. I was thinking I could throw some bait off the point and let the waves push it out into the cove. I tried this with Chart power eggs, red power eggs, garlic PB, char PB, a crawler and a water bobber on the bottom(not inflated), and crawler under a regular bobber and more Kastmaster action to no avail.

Finally the wind was too much on the point, so I went down the shore back into the cove where I was protected from the wind. I threw out my bait rod again and after some more fruitless Kastmaster action I started working a small chart green/chart orange trout jig behind a water bobber.

On the second cast I was rewarded with my one and only fish. It was great to catch something, but I have to saw I was disappointed in the fight. It felt like I was reeling in a clump of weeds. I was using a medium-light rod with my drag set fairly loose and the fish never attempted to take line once. He was hooked right in the mouth and lure popped out in the net too. Anyway at least the skunk was off. Trout was probably about 12-13" but no girth.

Finally the wind had sapped my body heat to the point that I was ready to go, and the bite was slow anyway, so I head back to the city around 3. A saw other anglers out there, but I couldn't tell how they did. I wish the fishing was better, but as others have mentioned, Bon Tempe is beautiful and it was a nice sunny day to enjoy the scenery. After a skunk at Amador, this trip provided me with my first fish of 2013(even though it had no interest in fighting), so that was great!
Pic of where cast to catch the the fish.

01-30-2013, 04:08 PM
Good job out there. I know exactly where you were at. I was there the other week ;)

On Saturday, I'm sure that spot got the brute of the wind as it was howling directly at it. At least you manage to get one. :-)

A lot of people that were fishing that day didnt do too well. I normally take out the camera and zoom around the lake, that day it was too windy so I didn't do it. If I did, I could have spotted you :)

Good luck next time out.

SoulAnchored <><
01-30-2013, 08:21 PM
Nice photos, beautiful scenery... even better to get the skunk off your back. Keep up those tight lines and good fishin.

02-01-2013, 07:38 PM
I know that wind all too well, but this time I waited and I'm glad I did. I went up early Thurs morning, the lake was glass with birds and ducks everywhere. I caught 2 in the first hour and then nothing after that. They are biting very soft right now, and had to force myself to be patient and let them take the bait. Once they give you that first good tug, then set the hook.
It was quiet all around, didn't see too many fish caught. But it was beautiful and calm. Plus, coming back with dinner always puts a smile on my face!