View Full Version : Saturday Snow & Wind at Lake Siskiyou

02-25-2013, 07:17 AM
Fished Lake Siskiyou Saturday. There was a mix of 20 mph gusts with whitecaps and snow then sun and flat, all day long. Water temp was a steady 37 degrees. Caught 7 average rainbows missed 3 on the top line with a rapala and worm/dodger. Trolled my swimbait from 5 to 50 feet all day with no bites. Fish where bright silver, thin with full tails and red/orange meat.

02-25-2013, 09:03 AM
Good job and way to tough out the conditions. Wish that swimbait would of been hit by a big hog. Oh well, you tried. Good day fishing for sure.

02-28-2013, 10:21 AM
hmmm, that snow and 20mph wind musta been pleasant! well, invigorating at least! ill bet it made you appreciate the sun and calm conditions later in the day.......this is a lake i will need to research, ive hardly spent any time up that way, but since im moving to Grants Pass, this lake will be an option if i become homesick for Cali fishing.....