View Full Version : A Bass Recipe that isn't Muddy or Watery Tasting?

03-03-2013, 01:44 AM
As much as I love frying or smoking fish of all types, I was privileged enough to keep a largemouth today and tried this new recipe out. Take it for what it is, you may say it's hippie or commie food, but whatever, it beats that watery or muddy flavored bass people often complain about.

Now for my recipe...it's based off of a sea bass recipe from England, so mind the oddities. I keep one or two bass under 15" when I get multiple hookups, but unless I plan on filling up the smoker with cherry chips, who really needs 5-whatever largemouths? Bleed the fish that you plan on keeping by cutting their gill/throats and put them on ice immediately. Adjust this recipe to your bass species and size of fish. With a 26" striper, use 4 lemons, 8 fennel.....you get what I mean.

-Largemouth or Smallie under 15" (Striper under 32")
-2 lemons fully zested
-2 lemons cut into 8ths
-4 stalks of Fennel
-Handful of whole sea salt
- Sprinkle of Paprika
-Olive oil!

Cut the gills out of your bass, then scale it completely. Using your knife, cut the top spines and pectoral fins off, leaving your bass whole. Cut 6 times vertically going down the body of the bass, giving you several evenly spaced score marks for flavor to seep in and to allow the heat of your barbecue to cook the fish evenly. Take all of your sea salt and spread it across and into the cuts. Set the bass aside.

In a bowl, zest two lemons and spread that across the score marks. Dice your fennel and toss that together in a bowl. Stuff the fennel inside of the bass and then cut your lemon into 8ths. Squirt some across the bass then also stuff as many lemon wedges as you can into there.

Take some paprika and lightly dust the stuffed fish with it. Drizzle some olive oil lightly across him and wrap the lemony mess in aluminum.

Barbecue for roughly 8 minutes on both sides. Take it off and open the foil! You should have a very lemony, and licorice flavored bass that has no watery or muddy taste that most anglers complain about.

I liked it. Let me know if you try it!