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03-07-2013, 10:08 AM
Hey Folks,
A member would like to take his young daughter out and hopefully get her into some fish. Asking about Rancho Seco trout plants, timing for a plant would be the best chance for her to catch something this time of year. I know they have a derby April 6,7 but does anyone know of their schedule for March ahead of the derby? And maybe help him out with any reports or other info about Seco.

03-07-2013, 05:46 PM
You could try Lake Camanche the trout pond. Look for the face book posts at that place. Rancho Seco well its like taking a chance. They say that put trout in there, but I haven't caught one so far except during the derby.

03-07-2013, 06:01 PM
If and when they plant seco most of the fish are by the launch ramp area. Most parts of that lake are weeded up. There is no specific date for plants but check the dfw website for what week they plant. In my opinion Rancho seco isn't the same as it used to.

03-07-2013, 10:13 PM
Was at yhe trout pond sat and it was slow. Maybe 30 ppl and seen 3 or 4 caught in the three hours I was there. Not what I was use to seeing there. Just a heads up