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03-13-2013, 03:16 PM
Ladies and Gents,
Could really use your help with some advice in this area. My brothers and I are treating our dad to a trip up to this place. Although only one of us is a novice, none of us knows much about the fishing up there (other than it's decent and a nice place to be). We are going in mid-july. I undertand the Brown Trout are best earlier in the season, but not much else. Any advice, tips or tricks are welcome.
ps - we are renting a boat

03-15-2013, 06:24 AM
For the past few years I have been making the trip up there in early July. What kind of info are you looking for?
In lower twin lakes I found that top lining a silver or gold needlefish works good, or just pulling a worm behind a flasher. You can also give Bridgeport Res. a try.
Where will you be staying? The campgrounds near the lake fill up fast on the weekend so you might want to try a getting a reservation early. Over the last few years they have been upgrading the campgrounds I don't know if they have completed this or if they will be doing more this year. I camped at one that was completed but didn't have running water, so bring your own.
If you have extra time you should check out the ghost town of Bodie. There is several other smaller ghost towns/mines to check out also.

03-15-2013, 02:37 PM
Both lakes are very different and need to be approached that way, especially in the summer.

Bridgeport--shallow stained water lake that will have lots of weed growth by mid-July. If renting a boat, forget about trolling (weeds) and anchor near rainbow point or head near the dam. Powerbait works great for the rainbows and large nightcrawlers can tempt a brown but they usually don't bite well with the warm water temps. If you are going to bank it, only place that is possible is near the dam, depending on the weed growth.

Twin Lakes--two deep clear lakes. Browns will be deep following the kokanee or chubs so forget about them unless you have downriggers. But if after rainbows, no need for a boat. If fishing upper, fish the shore off the marina, off the north shore or dam area. If fishing lower, fish the inlet, north shore or marina area. Powerbait works well.

Lots of people fish here in the summer and are up early to get the best spots.

Ken's sporting goods in Bridgeport can give you more ideas on where the better place to fish is at. And they might even suggest Virgina Lakes.