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03-13-2013, 07:38 PM
Took a friend to Camanche on 3/13/13 and launched from North Shore at 7:15 AM and went straight to Hat Island and started trolling towards the dam. Nothing until I got midway along the buoy line and got a 16" trout on an F-9 Hot Steel Rapala at 8 AM. Went to the spillway, turned around and came back along the buoy line and caught another trout at 8:30 AM, a 15" fish on the same lure. We fished the area some more, then to Hat Island and the Causeway for nothing, so we headed for the Narrows, where we caught our third trout (16") at 11 AM, on a yellow bodied Panther Martin with an bright orange blade. Tried there some more for only one hit, then we went to the Bridge and above and all the way back through the Narrows to the boat ramp at 3 PM. All of our action was during the morning. Had one downrigger line at 15'-30' most of the time with no luck.

Today was my third trip to Camanche this year. The other two were on Feb. 14 (1 fish at 5.5 pounds) and Feb. 28 (2 fish at 15"). It's been generally slow for me this year.

Hope this report helps the folks who are going Thurs-Sunday!

03-14-2013, 05:33 AM
3/15 is Friday? You must have the date wrong? Thanks for the report!!


Thanks, I changed the date to the 13th. Just testing you guys!